How much does Tile cost?

Great question! Our website always has the most up-to-date pricing and deals, so check out the links below for the cost of each Tile product:


Tile Mate: best for your keys, bags, or luggage.

Tile Slim: best for your wallet, tablet, or laptop.



Tile Accessories:

 Tile Mate Accessories:

1. Tile Mate Zip Strap: best for attaching to bikes or scooters

2. Tile Mate Pocket: best for adhering to coats, jackets, or blankets

3. Tile Mate Adhesive: best for sticking to notebooks, toys, or water bottles


Tile Slim Accessories:

1. Tile Slim Money Clipbest for securing your cards or cash

2. Tile Slim Luggage Tag: best for securing around the straps of your suitcase, purse, or bag.

3. Tile Slim Pocket: best for adhering to larger coats, jackets, or blankets

4. Tile Slim Adhesive: best for sticking to laptops, tablets, or notebooks


Already had Tile for a year? Lucky you- you have the option for a discount on any Tile through our reTile program.

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