reTile in BestBuy

You can now replace your old Tile at your local BestBuy! You'll still get the same great reTile discounts, and you can pick up on your normal errand run instead of waiting for shipping.

How does it work?

1. Once you see the reTile notification in your app, you can head out to your local BestBuy.

2. Bring your old Tile with you!

3. Ask their Blue Shirt associates team to help you replace your old Tile.

4. Show them your app and exchange your old Tiles for new ones! The associate will help you activate your new one and recycle your old one.



Is my Tile eligible for reTile at BestBuy?

If you Tile is 11+ months old, then you will be able to reTile at BestBuy. 


Which BestBuy locations is reTile available in?

Right now, reTile is available in BestBuy US only. Please call your local BestBuy to ensure they have the program up and running.


Is it possible to reTile for different pack sizes at Best Buy than your website currently offers (1-Pack, 4-Pack, 8-Pack)?

Yes! At Best Buy, there is flexibility to reTile for any combination of pack sizes, so you are able to reTile for the exact amount of Tiles that are in your account. For example, if you have 2 Tiles in your account, you can purchase 2 Tiles at BestBuy for the reTile price.


How much is reTile at BestBuy?

Once you turn in your old Tile, you'll receive a 40% discount on Tile Mate or 30% discount on Tile Slim. Please check with your local BestBuy for the most current prices. 


Can I reTile for Tile Original at Best Buy?

You can only reTile for Tile Original directly through Tile. Best Buy does not carry Tile Original, so you would not be able to complete a reTile purchase it at any of their stores.


I already threw away my old Tiles. Can I still reTile through Best Buy?

No. You will need to provide your old Tile to receive a new one at reTile price at BestBuy. While you won't be able to reTile at BestBuy if you do not have your old Tile, you can still reTile through our direct site


Can I reTile online at

Currently, you can only reTile with Best Buy at a physical Best Buy retail location. If you wish, you can definitely still reTile via our app or by clicking through one of the reTile emails you have received from us.


Still have questions? Send us your question and we'll be happy to help!

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