How many Tiles can I register to my account?


There’s no limit to the number of Tiles you can add to your Tile account!


Your device can make a certain number of Bluetooth connections at one time:

iOS (Apple) devices can handle 8 connections at once.*

Android devices can handle 4 connections at once.

If you need to find more than 8 or 4 things, there’s still hope yet!

You can move your Tiles around in the list view of your app by touching, holding, and dragging them on top of and underneath each other.

The top 8/4 Tiles in your list will be given priority to connect to your app!

So, if you want to Tile your passport, but you only use it every once in awhile, drag that baby to the bottom until you’re ready to hit the road!

Happy Tiling!


*UPDATE 10/14/2016: Apple's iPhone 7 as of right now can only handle 2 connections at once, there are some hardware/software issues when multiple bluetooth devices are trying to connect to an iPhone 7 and as such the limit was decreased in order to provide support for our users. We highly suggest contacting Apple regarding a resolution as this is not related to only our product but all bluetooth devices.

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