Search Tips: My Tile is lost, but I know it’s nearby. How do I find it?



Ringing your Tile is the fastest way to find it when it’s nearby!

Here’s how:

  1. Open up the Tile app to find your list of Tiles.
  2. Tap the Tile in your list you want to ring.
  3. Tap the green “Find” button
  4. Listen for the Tile tune!

After you’ve found your Tile, tap the blue “Done” button to make your Tile stop ringing.


Something to keep in mind: 

You need to be in Bluetooth range (up to 100ft.) and connected to your Tile to be able to ring it. 

You can tell if you’re in range by the color of the ring surrounding the Tile icon in your app! If it’s green, you’re good to go!

If you can see your Tile and your app says it's not connected, it's easy to fix! Watch the video below to get started:


When you notice your Tile is missing and it’s not nearby, your Tile can help you retrace your steps!

When your Tile is in range and your app is running in the background of your device, your Tile and app communicate their locations to each other.

When that communication is lost, either by force closing the app or by exceeding the range, your app stores the last place your app and Tile were together on the map. It’s the last place your Tile was seen by your app!


To check your map:

In your app, tap on the Tile you’re looking for. You’ll be able to see your map on the bottom half of your screen, with a circle around the place where your Tile was last seen by your device!

If you want to see an even more precise location, tap on the bubble representing your Tile to open it up in full screen. Tap it again to get walking or driving directions right to it!

Once you arrive, check to see if your lost Tile comes in range so that you can ring it!


Don’t forget!

Leaving the app running in the background of your device is critical for your Tile to be able to communicate its location to your app.


Not where you left it?

Enlist the power of the community:

If your Tile isn’t where you last left it, you can ask others for their help! When you tap "Notify When Found" in the app for your missing Tile, any person who is running the Tile app that passes within range of your phone will automatically and anonymously send you a notification with the most recent location of your Tile so that you can go get it!

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