Why is my Tile showing an incorrect location?

Your Tile’s location is updated using the Bluetooth radio connection between your Tile and your device running the app.


If your app is not displaying the right location of your Tile on the map, there are a few steps that you could take to resolve this issue:



Please update your device’s software, and the app to the most current versions.


Location Services

Location Services must be on for both your phone and the app. To confirm that your location services are enabled…


Network Connection

Please make sure you have a secure network connection. This could either be through Wifi or data.


We can help! 

If the tips listed above do not improve location reporting, please sign out and back in to your account.

If your Tile’s reported location is still incorrect, please send us a report through the Tile app so that we can investigate.

In the report, please include the following information:


  • The name of your Tile
  • Does your Tile play a tune when you press the “Tile” button or the "e" button?
  • What do you see? How does that compare to what you expect to see?
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