How can I return my order for a refund?

Requesting a Refund

Your Tile order is eligible for a refund if you've had it less than 30 days, and the order is returned in good condition with original packaging. You will need to contact us prior to returning the order to receive the proper return instructions. You can read more details about our warranty and refund policy here. 

Please note that partial returns are not eligible for a refund. (Example: If you ordered a 4 Tiles, you must return all 4 Tiles to receive a refund.)

Note: Tile can only refund orders placed directly through our website, If you purchased Tile through another party (such as, please contact them for refund instructions.  

Return and Refund Instructions

Once you have submitted your request, you will be contacted within one business day with your RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization number) and instructions on how to return your order.

You may wish to use a package-shipping service such as UPS, Federal Express or the United States Postal Service that is able to track shipments. Tile is not responsible for shipping costs associated with the return of the order.

Upon receipt, we will verify that all of the Tiles in your original order are included with the return and that the Tiles are in good physical condition. Partial returns are not eligible for a refund. Please note that incomplete returns cannot be refunded and will be returned to you.

Once the return has been processed, a confirmation message will be sent out with information on when the refund should be expected.  

Refund Status Questions

If you have returned your order with a RMA #, and you have any questions regarding your refund, please contact us by clicking here.
  • In the message, include your RMA number which will help us quickly track the status of your return.



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