Help! My Tile is lost. How do I find it?

If you know your Tile is lost nearby but your app is showing that it’s not connected, there are a few things you can train to re-establish the connection between your Tile and you app!


Step 1: Double check your settings

It never hurts to take another look! Make sure that your Bluetooth and Location Services are on on your device, and that you have an internet connection through data or wifi.


Step 2: Take a breather

Hang tight for a minute or two. Your Tiles might need a moment to re-connect!


Step 3: Find your Tile

Tap on the Tile icon for your lost item and walk around. When the circle around the Tile is solid green, tap “Find” and your Tile will start to ring!


Need more help?


If the steps above didn’t work, try restarting your phone and going through this process one more time.

If you’re still stuck, let us know!

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