Tile for Android FAQs

UPDATE: Please read our important android marshmallow message if you are currently either using a Marshmallow Android device or are planning on updating to Marshmallow.


Tile is Now Available for Android!



What Android phones will Tile work with?

  • Samsung Galaxy (S5 or newer)
  • Samsung Note (4 or newer)
  • Nexus (4 or newer)
  • OnePlus (One or newer)
  • HTC one (M8 or newer)
  • Motorola Moto X (or newer)
  • Tile is compatible with most Android devices equipped with Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or newer and Bluetooth 4.0 or newer.

In order to run the Tile Android app, your device will need both of the following:

1. Android 4.4.2 or higher (KitKat or Lollipop, with the exception of Marshmallow 6.0.0)* 
2. Bluetooth 4.0

If your device is not on this list but uses Android 4.4 and Bluetooth 4.0, there is a good chance Tile will work fine, but we are not able to offer the same level of support in troubleshooting scenarios.

What Android devices will not work with Tile?

Any devices that do not have Bluetooth 4.0 or BLE, will not work. This is due to the fact that these handsets do not have the hardware to communicate with our Tile hardware or companion app.

Does Tile work on Android Tablets?

There are hundreds of Android devices on the market. As long as your device uses Android 4.4 and above with Bluetooth 4.0, you will be able to install the Tile app. However, we only can support and troubleshoot the following devices as of today:

• Samsung Galaxy S5
• HTC One M8
• HTC One
• LG Nexus 4
• LG Nexus 5

What is Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0?

Tile is only compatible with phones that support use of the Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) specification, which is a different type of Bluetooth connection. It is distinctly different from the Bluetooth used by your phone to connect with your car or a wireless microphone. It is specifically designed to work with devices that use very low power.

Are the Tiles that work on Android different from the Tiles for iOS?

All Tiles are the same and will work on both your Android and iOS devices.

Are there any differences between the iOS and the Android app features?

The only difference between the two is that for our Android app, you can tap on the settings (gear icon) and then enable or disable "Locate Tiles when app is closed". What this means is that as long as this option is enabled (check marked) in your Tile app settings, even if you were to swipe the app closed, your Tile locations will still be updated, provided the Tiles are near your device (within bluetooth range).

How many Tiles can I use on Android?

Through the app, you will now be able to add an unlimited number of Tiles to your list.

It is important to note that due to limitations in the Android hardware, you will only be able to connect to between four Tiles at once. Once you have connected to the maximum number of Tiles on your device, you will see a non-rotating dotted circle around other Tiles in the vicinity. Tap on one of those Tiles to initiate a connection. This will cause one of the previously connected Tiles to become disconnected, in order to make room for the Tile that you just tapped on.

Will my old Tiles work on an Android phone?

Yes! Your "old" Tiles (they're not that old yet!) will work with Android. Remember though, we're only coming out with direct support for the devices listed above.

Why can't I find the Tile app on Google Play?

If you are unable to find Tile on Google Play, it is likely because your phone does not meet our app's minimum requirements (Android 4.4 or higher and Bluetooth 4.0 support).

What if I just switched from iPhone to Android?

Just sign in your account and it will work just like before. All Tiles work with all compatible phones. So, you don't need to worry about your Tiles if you switch phones.

What do the dotted green circles mean?

The rotating dotted green circles indicate that your Tile is nearby, but that we have not been able to connect. Please keep walking in the vicinity until the circle becomes a solid green.

A non-rotating dotted green circle indicates that we could connect to your Tile, but your device is already connected to the maximum number of Tiles. Tap on a Tile with a non-rotating green circle, and we will connect to that Tile. This will also disconnect from one of your previously connected Tiles.

Can I expect interference from other Bluetooth devices?

We have noticed that smartwatches can become disconnected when running Tile on an Android device. We are still investigating this issue.

In addition, if you are in an environment with many Bluetooth devices (more than 40), such as a sports stadium, you may experience delays connecting to your Tiles.

I swiped away the app in my Recent Apps list, but Tile is still consuming some battery. Why?

In the initial release, Tile will intermittently run background processes even if you swipe away at the app. This should result in very little battery usage (less than 5% during the day). Our next version of the app will allow you to completely shut down the app if you swipe it away.

Do you have a Beta testing program?

We are always looking for people to help us make our technology better. If you are open to trying out something a bit more cutting edge but with a few bugs, please sign up here. We love hearing from our community and are looking for Android and Apple beta testers.

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