Connection Status Key: What do those green circles mean?


The colored rings around your Tiles in your app change, depending on their connection status.

Here’s a handy guide you can reference if you forget what each kind of ring means!

Solid Green Circle: Your Tile is connected and you can ring it.

Dotted Green Circle (Spinning): Your Tile is nearby, but it hasn’t connected yet. Walk around until it becomes a solid green circle. You can use the proximity sensor if you don’t know in which direction to head!

Dotted Green Circle: You’re close enough to connect to your Tile, but you’re already connected to too many devices! Tap on the Tile to connect to it. Remember: doing this will tell your device to disconnect from another Tile.

Solid Grey Circle: You’re out of range of your Tile and can’t connect.

Solid Grey Circle (Spinning): You pressed the “Notify when Found” button to signify that your Tile is lost and you would like to be notified when it has an updated location.

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