Apple Watch and Unlimited Tiles

You’ve reached up to 7 Tiles in your account, and you are having trouble deciding which to Tile - either something practical, say your gym bag, or those novelty items like the Batman flashlight you got for Easter.

Now you don’t have to! You can add more than 8 Tiles to your account on your device.


Apple Watch

Since you have the Tile app downloaded onto your iPhone, simply log into your personal Tile account on your iPhone. The Tile app will automatically sync to your new Apple Watch. By adding the Tile app as one of your Glances, you will have the chance to quickly view and ring your top 4 Tiles!

Once you are logged into your Tile account, and synced with the App Watch, you will be able to see the connection status of all your owned and shared Tiles in relationship to your iPhone. If they are connected (green), you will be able to use your Tile just as if you’re accessing the app from your iPhone!

If you are not within Bluetooth range, start your search by noting when your Tile was last seen by the app, view the location of the missing Tile on the map, and the Notify When Found feature.


What can I do with Tile on Apple Watch?

Similar to how you use the Tile app on your iPhone, you will be able to do the following on the Apple Watch:

  • Ring a connected Tile
  • View the connection status of your list of owned and shared Tiles
  • Use the proximity sensor feature and ring a connected Tile
  • View the last seen time and location on the map of an out of range Tile, and
  • Notify When Found


For more information on Tile on Apple Watch, click here


Unlimited Tiles

Through the app, you will now be able to add an unlimited number of Tiles to your list. It is important to note that your app will only connect to 8 Tiles on iOS and 4 Tiles on Android at a time. This is a factor of Bluetooth 4.0 limitations.

No worries though! You will be able to move your Tiles around within the app giving the first 8 the priority to connect to your app. Say you are going on that trip out of the country, and you know that your Tiled passport is more important than the bike you’ll leave safe behind inside your garage during your trip. You can now move the Tile you named “Passport” to your top 8, bumping the Tile “Bike” out of the connectivity queue.

This will not only provide peace of mind that your Passport is always with you, but you also have the ability to personalize your valuable items in different situations. So, once you are back from your trip abroad, you can re-prioritize your list of Tiles so that your bike can be connected to the app instead of your Passport!


Unlimited Tiles FAQ

How many Tiles can I use on an iOS mobile device?

There is no limit. You can add any number of Tiles to your iOS device. Only 8 Tiles will be able to connect at a time due to Bluetooth limitations. You can prioritize which 8 you want to connect first by re-ordering them in your app.*


How many Tiles can I use on an Android device?

There is no limit. You can add any number of Tiles to your Android device. Only 4 Tiles will be able to connect at a time due to Bluetooth limitations. 

Full prioritization similar to the iOS app has not been implemented yet, for now the first 4 Tiles that connect to your device will remain connected unless you move those Tiles out of range OR tap on a Tile that the device sees (dotted green circle). This in turn will then focus on that specific Tile and it will disconnect the last Tile that was connected on your list and connect the Tile you just tapped on.

 *UPDATE 10/14/2016: Apple's iPhone 7 can currently only handle 2 Tile connections. Please contact support if you have questions. 

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