How do I use Tile to find my phone or tablet when it’s far away?

If you’re too far away from your phone or tablet to ring it with your Tile, we can still help you find it!

If you log in to our website, you can: 

  1. See it on a map
  2. Make it ring
  3. Display a message on the lock screen for anyone who might find it!


To see it on the map:

 Simply log in and look at your map! You’ll see an icon where your phone is.

To make it ring:

Once you’re logged in, click “Find” -- as if you were using your phone app to find your Tile!

To display a lock screen message:

If your phone or tablet  has a passcode, you’re the only person who can use it. A lock screen message is a message that appears on the screen before you have to unlock it! That way, if someone finds your device, they can read the message and know how to get it back to you.

To display a message, simply log in to the website and click “Lost Mode.”


FAQ’s about finding your phone from a distance:


Q. How does this work?

A. The map shows the last place the Tile app saw your phone or tablet. Since Tile uses Bluetooth, rather than GPS, it relies on three things to store your phone’s location:

    1. Bluetooth on
    2. Enabled location settings
    3. The Tile app running in the background

If all three of these elements are true, your map will show an accurate location for your lost phone or tablet.


Q. What if someone turns off my phone or tablet?

A. Your map will display your device’s last known location before your phone was switched off. Once the device has been powered down, Bluetooth, location settings, and the app are all disabled, so you won’t be able to control your phone or tablet remotely with Tile.  


Q. Is there any way to do this without a computer?

A. Sure! You can log into your account from someone else’s phone or tablet to do the same!

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