Why does my Tile say it’s been “previously activated?”

Although it’s rare, you can get a notification during the activation process saying that your Tile has been “Previously Activated.”



This could mean one of two things! Either:


  1. You’re too close to your other Tiles.

Unless you were super proactive and bought your Skins early your Tiles all look the same! So, it’s pretty easy to get them mixed up during the activation process.

Try this:

  • In the app, tap on one of the Tile’s and hit “Find”
  • Mark the Tile that plays a tune with a Post it!
  • Repeat

Once you’ve gone through all the ones you’ve already activated, you can continue on to activate the rest!


  1. Your Tile came from an unauthorized retailer.

If you didn’t purchase your Tile on our website or through one of our authorized retailers it’s possible that the original buyer may have already activated the Tile. 

Once a Tile has been activated to an account, it can’t be reactivated to a different one. It can, however, be transferred!

Just ask the original owner of the Tile to contact our team using their account email address, so that we can transfer the Tile to you!

This process ensures customer privacy and safety.

* Please make sure to purchase from our product page, and not individual sellers. This includes “used” Tiles.


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