How to ReTile

ReTiling makes it simple to replace your old Tile with the latest and greatest technology. 

When you get closer to your Tile's one year anniversary, in the app, you will see red and/or orange clocks next to each Tile.


Colored Clocks

  • Red clock = Your Tile is 12 months old and you should replace very soon before the Tile runs out of battery
  • Orange clock = Your Tile is 11 months old and that you should consider replacing before it hits 12 months.

Estimated Time Remaining

We guarantee your Tiles will work for an entire year.

You can check how much longer you have before you have to ReTile all other Tiles when you select the top red banner or by clicking into an 11 or 12 month old Tile and clicking "Replace this Tile".  



To reTile in the app:

1. Click the blue, ReTile Now button

2. Your Tile account email will auto-populate in the checkout card

3. Choose how many Tiles you would like to reTile:

Note: You will only be able to access the discounted reTile prices once a Tile is up to replace.

4. Check out with your shipping and credit card information

5. Smile because another year of peace of mind is on its way!


Once you get your new Tile, click here to learn how to replace your old one.

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