How to replace with reTile

Congrats! You just received peace of mind for another year.


To easily replace your old Tile with your new one follow these steps:

1. In your app, click on the red reTile banner at the top that indicates the number of Tiles that will stop working soon

2. Tap the up/down arrows in the corner

3. Tap "Swap Out" next to the Tile you would like to replace

4. Follow the activation flow by pressing the "Tile” button or "E" and holding your new Tile next to your phone

5. You new Tile will automatically replace your old Tile on your Tile list so no need to change the picture or name

6. Place your old Tile in the pre-paid envelope so 99% of its parts will be recycled*


* Prepaid return recycling envelope not currently available for international shipments. 


You can also replace Tiles that are not up for renewal through our normal replacement process as well.


Already activated Tiles, but didn't go through the replacement flow?

You have backup! Contact Tile's Customer Care here, and let us know the following:

  1. Your email address tied to your Tile account
  2. The name of the Tile that you'd like to remove from your account (Example: "Keys", "Bag"):
  3. The Tile ID - Select the Tile in the app, and tap Info icon in the upper right hand corner.

We'll have the older Tiles removed from your account in a snap!

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