How do I Hide & Unhide my Tiles?


How to Hide & Unhide your old Tiles:

Tile offers a convenient way to to help many of community members organize and control their list of Tiles in the app.

If you have a Tile on your list that you are not using or you need to replace it with new a Tile because their it's time to reTile, just choose the Tile you no longer need, swipe left, and hide, unhide, or replace it. Here's how it works!


Hide a Tile
The Tile named "Car" is past a year old, and it needs to be replaced with the the latest version of Tile that just arrived in the mail after renewing.

1. In the Tile app, choose the Tile named "Car," and swipe from right to left.
2. Tap on Hide
3. The Tile, "Car," will disappear from your Tile list. 

Now you see it...Now you don't! 




How to Unhide your Tiles:

We get that mistakes happen, so if you accidentally hid a Tile, it can be undone! 

Once a Tile is removed, the app will immediately prompt you on how to unhide your hidden Tile. It's easy to do.

  1. Tap on the "Settings" (Gear) icon at the corner
  2. Select "See Hidden Tiles. Here you can see any Tile you have hidden or replaced.
  3. Select "Unhide,"
  4. Choose any hidden or replaced Tiles you want to bring back to life
  5. Those Tiles you chose to unhide will return back to your Tile list screen. 


Now you're ready to organize your Tiles!

If you have suggestions, questions, or need help with your Tiles, feel free to contact our Customer Care Team. We want to make sure our customers are well cared for!


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