Tile and Jaguar Land Rover

Tile is excited to announce our partnership with Jaguar Land Rover!

Together we will fight the battle of missing items by allowing you to always make sure your essential items are with you when you drive away.

QuickStart Guide: How to use Tile with Jaguar



  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Jaguar’s “InControl” and the Tile app downloaded on your phone and running in the background at all times, and have your Bluetooth turned ON.
  2. Open Jaguar’s “InControl” app and plug your phone into the Jaguar system.
  3. Select up to 8 Tiles to be part of your Car Essentials list. These Tiles should be the ones that you want to make sure you have when leaving your house such as your wallet or sunglasses. (You can add and remove Tiles from your Car Essential list as well)
  4. Once you’ve added to your Car Essentials list, every time you get in your car you will be greeted with the comfort of knowing you haven’t forgotten anything!


Finding your Tile in the Car

  1. To find a Tile that has disappeared in your car, simply on “All” in the top grey bar.
  2. If your Tile is in range, it will have a green circle around it.
  3. Press the green “Find” to ring your Tile.
  4. Press the blue “Done” to stop ringing your Tile.


Finding your Tile that is missing

  1. If you did forget something, we will let you know which Tile is missing and directions to its last known location
  2. Click the blue “Get Directions” to get GPS directions to the last seen location of your Tile
  3. If multiple Tiles are missing, simply tap the Tile icon in the map view to get directions to that Tile
  4. If you would like to be notified when your missing Tile has a new updated location, simply press the blue “Notify When Found”. This will send you an email and notification when your Tile has an updated location.





  1. Do I have to install anything in my car?
    • Nope! Simply have the Jaguar “InControl" and the Tile app running on your phone, plug in your phone to the Jaguar system, and you will be able to see if all your car essentials are with you.
  2. How do I add a Tile to my Car Essentials list?
    • Simply tap “Essential” in the top grey bar. You’ll be able to see any already added car essentials and add any new Tiles that you want to makes sure you have when driving.
  3. Can I add a Tile using Jaguar interface?
    • Your Tile is connected to your device, so to add a Tile simply disconnect from the Jaguar system and follow the activation instructions through the app.
  4. I plug in my phone to the Jaguar system, but Tile is not popping up?
    • Make sure that you have our app running in the background of your device at all times. If your app is running in the background and still not showing up, please contact our customer care team.
  5. I’m trying to ring two Tiles at once but it’s not working. Help!
    • Right now you can ring one Tile at a time.
  6. Why do I need to turn Bluetooth ON?
  7. My Tile is in the car with me, but it’s showing up as grey/ out-of-range?
    • Check to see if your Bluetooth is ON first. You might need to do a quick Bluetooth refresh to help re-sync your Tile.

  1. I’m getting the error “Cannot find connection”. What does that mean?
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