Why can't I change or update my Tile's ringtone?

Having trouble with changing your Tile's ringtone?

Here are few tips and guidelines that may resolve the issue you are experiencing:

  1. Make sure you have the right Tile! Ringtones are only available for Tile Mate and Tile Slim.

  2. Please make sure that the Tile you are trying to update is right next to your phone/tablet.

  3. Is the Tile fully connected? (Solid Green circle around Tile icon, tap 'Find' to ring the Tile for confirmation)

  4. Have you tried turning bluetooth on or off, or restarting your phone/tablet?

  5. Are you currently connected to your WiFi or cellular data?


If you have tried and confirmed all 5 steps above and you are still having issues updating your Tile's ringtone, please contact us and we will investigate this issue in detail.

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