I see a Pending charge on my credit card from Tile, but have not received an order confirmation email. Help!

Pending charges on your credit card can be confusing, so we are here to help!


When you purchase anything with a credit card the following steps will happen*:

* This is a typical process for credit cards from most financial institutions. Check with your specific financial institution for the exact process and timeline.


1. A pending charge will show up on your statement as the first step in purchasing.

This means Tile (or any other merchant) is requesting the specific amount of money required for the order

2. The amount will be temporarily deducted from your available balance when the charge is still pending.

3. Your bank will review your transaction and after 1-5 days and determine if it will be authorized.

4. If the charge is authorized the Pending status will change to "Posted" or "Billed" depending on your financial institution. The amount will also be permanently deducted from your available balance. 

5. If your financial institution does not authorize the purchase, the pending charge will disappear and the money will be added back to your available balance.


If the charge from Tile shows "Posted" or "Billed" and you still have not received an order confirmation, reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help out!



Can you refund me if my charge is still Pending?

Depends. If we see that our system charged you, we can process a refund. If our system did not charge you yet, just wait for the pending charge to disappear in 1-5 days.


What if I have multiple pending charges on my statement from Tile?

We're sorry something went wrong when ordering and we are here to help now! Reach out through chat, submit a request or email (team@thetileapp.com), and we will check if our system has actually charged you yet. Usually, those pending charges are an error and will disappear within a couple days.




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