What is auto-reTile?

Tile was created as a simple solution for small, yet frustrating interruptions to your day, and we want your reTile experience to reflect exactly that! The auto-reTile option within the reTile program is designed to ease the process of replacing your Tiles each year. By signing up, we'll automatically send you upgraded Tiles to replace your older ones at our exclusive reTile discount on an annual basis.


You'll have the option to edit or change your order before we charge your saved payment method and send your Tiles. With the auto-reTile button, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you'll always have working Tiles.


How that works is if you click on the option "Automatically upgrade my Tiles in 1 year" either at the beginning or end of your order, we will use that exact credit card and shipping address for next year's reTile order!




What's the price for next year's Tile devices? 

There are no upfront costs or fees. You will be charged at the exclusive reTile discount. It's our commitment to our customers.


When will my credit card be charged next year?

Your credit card should be charged a few weeks before we are ready to ship your order. We will be sure to send you an notification before your order ships in case you need to make any adjustments to your order.


What if I happen to move next year, or my credit card changes, and I need to update my information? What if I forget to update my order information? 

We have you covered! Before we are ready to ship your order, we will send you a notice that gives you the option to update your billing and shipping information. 


Can I cancel?

Yes. Send an email to retile@thetileapp.com at any time to opt out of the program. Alternatively, prior to the annual billing for your discounted replacement Tiles, we will send a reminder email at which point you can cancel or edit your order.


If I don't sign up to automatically reTile now, can I still reTile in the future?

You sure can! You can place a reTile order through the app or on the Tile website when you are eligible for reTile


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