How to submit feedback/bug reports for the Tile Beta Program?

Hey Tilers,

If you have any feedback regarding any new beta features in the app or if you found a bug that you would like to report, you can submit from within our app.

Submitting Feedback/Bug Report for iOS & Android:

  1. Tap on the settings in our app (gear icon).
  2. Next, scroll down to the button "Send Feedback" (Android) or "Report an Issue" (iOS)
  3. Please tap on it and submit any feedback or bug you have found.

If you are unable to access the Beta App for whatever reason and would like to report a crash or issue opening/signing in, please submit the feedback on our Tile Google Play Store page (Android) or Testflight page (iOS).

Thank you for your feedback and bug reports. Happy Beta-Tiling!

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