How do I put on my Tile Mate Zip Strap?

Tile Mate Zip strap is the perfect way to securely slip in your Tile Mate and wrap around your bike or scooter.


What will it fit around?

Anything with a diameter of 1.75 inches or 4.4 centimeters. 


How do I put on my Tile Mate Zip Strap?

1. Activate your Tile Mate before you slip it into the Zip Strap

2. Insert your Tile Mate into the opening at the bottom of the Zip Strap pouch. 

3. Wrap the Zip Strap band around the rails of your bike saddle, bike frame, seat post, or anywhere else with a 1.75” or smaller diameter.

4. Feed the band through the Tile button on the pouch until it’s securely tightened. The band’s ridges lock it in place.

5. To unlock the Zip Strap, gently pull up on the Tile button of the pouch and slide the band out until it’s completely free. Wrap the strap around the object you want to attach it to, then pull the strap through the fastener until secure

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