Tile Platform: Nomad PowerPack


Tile has partnered with Nomad to create a super PowerPack! Tile's Bluetooth technology is embedded into the PowerPack which enables you to locate and ring it.


What is the Nomad PowerPack?

The PowerPack is an advanced 9000mAh backup battery. For all the details check out Nomad's website.


How does Tile work with the PowerPack?

Using Tile’s technology, your can find your PowerPack in three ways!

  1. Ring your PowerPack
  2. View your PowerPack's last known location on the map
  3. Enlist the power of your community

Your PowerPack utilizes our Bluetooth tracking technology to ring your PowerPack if it's hiding nearby or see the location of where your PowerPack was last seen, all within our app on your phone.


Do I need to download a special app?

Nope! If you already have a Tile account, you are all set to add your PowerPack. If you are ready to join the Tile community, simply download the app here.


How do I activate my Nomad PowerPack?

1. Simply download our app

2. Create and confirm your account

3. Press the "+" sign, select "Add Tile", then select "Other", then select "Nomad".

4. Firmly press the Tile button once - you'll feel a click and hear the Tile tune

5. Hold your PowerPack close to your phone until you hear a confirmation Tile tune! 

After adding the PowerPack to your Tile account, you'll be able to locate and ring it.


What if I have a problem locating my PowerPack with Tile?

We would love to learn the details of your situation and provide the best troubleshooting. Please email us at team@thetileapp.com or chat with us from 8:30am - 5:30pm PT. 


Can I get a refund or warranty for my PowerPack?

All refunds and warranties are fulfilled through Nomad. You can contact Nomad here!

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