How do I use Tile accessories?

Tile accessories are great for making sure your Tile is securely attached to your stuff!

The following accessories work with Tile Slim™ and Tile Mate™ devices.


Before using the accessories:

1. Visit to purchase your devices.

2. Go to on your phone or tablet to download the free app for Android™ and iOS.

3. Create your account and activate your Tiles through the app.

4. Make sure to keep your Tile App on your phone running all the time, and always keep your phone’s Bluetooth on.


To attach your accessories please follow the specific instructions below:

Tile Mate Accessories:

1. Tile Mate Zip Strap: best for attaching to bikes or scooters

2. Tile Mate Pocket: best for adhering to coats, jackets, or blankets

3. Tile Mate Adhesive: best for sticking to notebooks, toys, or water bottles


Tile Slim Accessories:

1. Tile Slim Money Clipbest for securing your cards or cash

2. Tile Slim Luggage Tag: best for securing around the straps of your suitcase, purse, or bag.

3. Tile Slim Pocket: best for adhering to larger coats, jackets, or blankets

4. Tile Slim Adhesive: best for sticking to laptops, tablets, or notebooks

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