How do I enlist my friends on social media to help me find my lost Tile?

You can now enlist your social networks to join the search party for your items! If you’re looking for your Tile and you mark any of your Tiles as "Notify when found", you can create and share a post that asks your friends for help using our social sharing feature.  

Here's how to enlist help from your social channels:

  1. Open the app on your device
  2. Tap on the Tile that you're looking for
  3. Mark your Tile as "Notify when found"
  4. A pop-up will appear - from here, tap "Ask friends for help" to enable social sharing
  5. A list of possible apps that can share this information will pop up, such as Facebook, Instagram, email, text messaging, and more
  6. Select the social channel you'd like to enlist, and a pre-filled message and image will be created to post
  7. You can edit the pre-filled message, or send it as is, and post to your selected social channel.
  8. Now, your friends will see your post and can join in on the search party!
  9. Want to share on more than one social channel? Keep re-enlisting your friends by tapping on "Ask friends for help"

*If you look in your Tile’s profile, the grey moving circle around your lost item means that you’ve selected “Notify When Found” for that item.

Want to find your stuff faster?

Most people lose their things around their family, friends and/or coworkers -- which makes them VIP members of your own personal search party!

Encourage those close with you to download the Tile app (it's free) and take advantage of the world’s largest lost and found!

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