What is Community Find?


Help someone out without even lifting a finger! 

It’s no secret how satisfying it is to help someone out. And Tile makes helping others effortless!

When you’re running the Tile app on your device, your app isn’t just looking for your Tiles, it’s looking for everyone’s! When you pass within range of a Tile, your app will automatically update the location of that Tile on whichever account it’s registered to.

 Community find is always working; if you want to be notified when someone updates the location of your Tile, simply tap “Notify When Found” in the app.


Community Find is safe and anonymous.

You won’t be able to see where other people’s Tiles are, and they won’t be able to see yours either!

Location updates are automatic and anonymous, so it’s completely secure.


Anyone can help -- even if they don’t have a Tile!

You don’t need to have a Tile to be a part of the Tile community! So ask your friends and family to download and run our free app. It’s free, and with every person added, you get 100 more feet of finding power!


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