How does Tile work?

Tile uses Bluetooth radio waves to communicate with the companion app on your phone or tablet. The Tile app "discovers" a Tile using the Bluetooth signal and then uses the location services of the device to update the location information for that Tile.


Your Tile can be discovered by your phone or tablet from up to 100ft., which is the standard range for Bluetooth.


Your Tile and your phone are connected to each other when the Tile app is always running (foreground or background), location services are enabled on your device, and your Tile and device are within range of each other. If any of these 3 things are not true, your Tile, app, and device are not communicating with each other.


Tile’s works in three steps:

  1. Ring your Tile
  2. View your Tile’s last known location on the map
  3. Enlist the power of your community


Tile’s other features:

  1. Proximity Sensor
  2. Find your phone or tablet when it’s nearby
  3. Find your phone or tablet when it’s far away
  4. Community Find
  5. Sharing your Tile
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