Notify when found


The Tile community is always working to help each other keep track of their things.


When a person running the Tile app on their phone or device passes within range of any Tile, their app automatically and anonymously updates the location of that Tile on the map of the account it’s activated to! 

On a normal day, neither you nor the person who updated your map will even know that this has happened -- which is nice for reducing the number of notifications you get.

However, if you’re looking for your Tile and you can’t ring it nor is it where you last left it, you can now request to be notified when someone updates your Tile’s location! 

Here’s how to ask to be notified when your Tile is found:

  1. Open the app on your device
  2. Tap on the Tile that that you’re looking for
  3. Tap the blue button that says “Notify When Found”
  4. Confirm when prompted.


*If you look in your Tile’s profile, the grey moving circle around your lost item means that you’ve selected “Notify When Found” for that item.

And now? You’ve just enlisted the power of the entire Tile community! How’s that for a search party?


Want to find your stuff faster?

 Most people lose their things around their family, friends and/or coworkers -- which makes them VIP members of your own personal search party!

Encourage those close with you to download the Tile app (it's free) and take advantage of the world’s largest lost and found!

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